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Linux installation guide

For the user’s convenience, PEGASUS is distributed as a precompiled executive file. No special installation procedure is needed. However, please be sure that g++, gfortran compilers and basic Qt4 libraries are already installed in your system (to be precise,,,,, and are needed). After unpacking the distributive archive, the data files containing the necessary TMD parton densities in a proton (and conventional parton densities as well) are located inside the PEGASUS home directory (folder data).

NOTE: no calculation is allowed if there are some missing data files in the data folder.

Location of data folder could be changed via main menu option Edit → Settings → Path to data folder.

The executive file can be just run from a terminal as


The program demands the QwtPlot, so the library file should be inside the PEGASUS home directory.

Otherwise, the path to library should be specified with

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/library

If a long-time calculation is needed, one can run console version as

./cPEGASUS filename.pegasus

with the user-defined setup saved to a configuration file filename.pegasus.

Please send all your remarks to Dr. Maksim Malyshev

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