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WP1: KCDC extension

The experimental setups in Russia and Germany generate or have generated large amounts of primary data. This have to be specified and a common ‘language’ in data description have to be defined. This needs a careful preparation of the data and extension of the KCDC software and web interface. Within this project, we will adapt the TAIGA data to the KCDC concept and provide an extended public data centre. While the scientific harvest by and within both collaborations will continue for some time independently, many scientific questions (in particular multi-messenger related analyses) remain still unaddressed, because the resources to perform those analyses are not available. A later new analysis of the data, e.g. using improved hadronic interaction models in the shower reconstruction, or combining other parameters of the individual experiments may shed new light on the origin and nature of the cosmic rays. A full return from the closer scientific community back to the society that has funded this endeavour can be achieved best, if the original 10data and the accompanying software tools are made publicly available in an open-access manner. And that not only for KASCADE, but also for other particle detector arrays as well as cosmic ray data of a different format; i.e. here, the data from the TAIGA experiment, where the data have to be selected and prepared in Russia before it can be added to the data centre.

This central and distinct work will apply the concept and software of KCDC to follow the request of the funding agencies to make (at least the high level) scientific data public also in Russia. In addition, specific data will be included for the experts at both sides to combine the data in common analysis methods. The extended data centre and the experience gained within this project will serve for data releases of present and forthcoming large-scale experiments in astroparticle physics.

Specific tasks:

  • Software extension of KCDC to allow for a new databank and data shop (KIT-IKP, KIT-SCC, ISDCT)
  • Preparing and providing the TAIGA data for inclusion into KCDC (ISU, MSU)
  • Putting the new data into KCDC (KIT-IKP)
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