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WP4: Go for the public

The full outreach part of the project, including example applications for all level of users - from pupils to the directly involved scientists to theoreticians - with detailed tutorials and documentation is an important goal of the project. Educational examples in various languages will be provided for the extended KCDC such as event displays, development of masterclasses built on the data centre, etc. This WP includes also the full “outreach” part of the project, i.e. the data centre is offering great and unique opportunities to people in developing countries that would not be able to access such data otherwise. It will also provide a basis for education and outreach to the public. In addition, the goal of having detailed tutorials, i.e. an ‘education portal’, is to provide the data also to a general public in the sense of a visible outreach of astroparticle physics. The target groups for the tutorials are teachers and pupils in high schools, where we will concentrate and optimize those tutorials for Germany and Russia. A tutorial has to provide at least: i) a basic knowledge on the experiment, astrophysics and related topics; ii) the required software and KCDC data (preferably as a pre-selection); iii) a step by step explanation of a simple data analysis; iv) a modern programming language code example; v) the interpretation and discussion of the outcome. With increasing number of users also the user management system (e.g. Q&A sections, discussion blogs, etc.) have to be extended and maintained.

The task includes also creating and designing outreach materials, conducting routine website maintenance, preparing text or images. In addition, the web pages of the KRAD initiative, the press releases, the distribution of the progress and news in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, google-plus, etc. will be managed in this WP. Thus, a web design and outreach manager will partly participate directly in the WP and has the responsibility for the creation and maintenance of outreach materials and web design for the project.

Specific tasks:

  • Creating adequate web pages for the project, the data centre and the new Data Life Cycle Lab (KIT-IKP)
  • Other outreach activities: e.g. press releases related to the project, roll-up posters, brochures etc. for adverting the project in public rooms and events (all)
  • Place the project’s progress in a variety of social media (KIT-IKP)
  • Monitoring of user statistics of the new data centre and the social media (KIT-IKP)
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